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Holding Hands

on December 5, 2010

One of my favorite hobbies includes watching people. I’m at a restaurant waiting for my food to be served, and today I am looking at people holding hands. Generally, I think it is such a sweet thing to do. It feels heartwarming when you see 50+ year-old couples or little kids hold hands.In between those ages, I find it a bit awkward to watch (specially if one of them catches me staring).

There is something so comforting about holding hands. It is different from a kiss or a hug. You hold hands when you teach your child to walk. You hold hands when you help someone get up. You hold hands to empathize with someone’s grief or sorrow. You hold hands to calm the nerves. You hold hands when you hold on to something and when you feel that it is time to let go.

You hold the hands of the one you love.

In this age when it is automatic that people carry their phones, ipods and laptops wherever they go, I wonder…

Do you still hold hands?


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