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Kiddie Art

on December 7, 2010

The little one and I love doing art activities together. Never mind the mess and all the trash after painting, coloring and making collages. It is a fun bonding activity and it develops the cognitive and fine-motor skills of little kids.

Here are some of the websites I usually refer to when I run out of ideas:

Art Attack

Origami for Kids

Crafts for Kids

For kids aged 2-4 years of age, one can try the following art activities:

1. Doodling and Tracing. This is a great way for your child to practice holding a pencil/marker. They also usually make up stories as they write/draw figures. One can encourage them to copy letters, numbers or basic shapes.

2. Coloring. Aside from learning colors, this activity promotes creativity, hand-eye coordination and perseverance. The little one likes Toy Story and Sesame Street so we provide him with easy coloring books with his favorite characters in it.

3. Collages. This is the little one’s favorite art activity to date. I cut out pictures from old magazines and pamphlets and he likes to put these together. For example: pictures of his favorite food. Initially, the little one didn’t like his hands getting all sticky from the glue but eventually he learned how to paste pictures with minimal mess.

5. Painting. Whether it is finger painting or painting with brushes, this is always fun! Cover a wall of your room with manila paper or cartolina, and let your imaginations go wild. Make sure you have frocks on and the paint you have is non-toxic and washable.

6. Playdough. We love to create “play” food, farm animals and plants with play dough. It is also a great way to practice colors shapes and sizes. Check the label to make sure it is safe, non-toxic and non-staining.

The little one is pretty confident with his art skills. He used his magnetic drawing board to draw rain as seen through the window of our house.

using the magnetic drawing board

Drawing of the rain seen through a window

And he arranged some MM’s to form colorful spectacles.

MM funky shades

What are your favorite art activities?


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