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on December 21, 2010

Weddings are magical.

I had more than a year to plan for our wedding. I ate, slept, breathed weddings. My husband joined me in my obsession and purchased wedding magazines like there was no tomorrow.

Today (two years after tying the knot) my husband has shifted his attention from Wedding Essentials magazines to travel books. I still occasionally visit websites of Martha Stewart Weddings and Weddings at Work. Flipping through magazines and browsing sites that are related to weddings puts me on a good mood and inspires me to be creative.

I love going to weddings. It is such a joyous occasion and everyone present is very hopeful. It is also an excellent source of fun ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Cool wedding shoes

The couple wore yellow Chucks at their reception. Perfect way to dance all night, if you ask me. 🙂

wedding gown by day; party dress by night



This was one of the simplest yet most versatile gowns I’ve ever seen. The bride wore a classic white evening gown for the ceremony. The lower part of the skirt is detachable so during cocktails she was already sporting a mini-dress.


I love how a wedding gown makes the bride the most beautiful lady in the room.



Weddings make me cry (in a good way). Each couple has a different story to tell and that’s what makes the experience unique every time. I have a bank of funny anecdotes related to weddings (which I will share some other time)

Weddings are always beautiful.


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