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do i homeschool my kid? (Part 1)

on January 31, 2011

When I was pregnant with Buchi, I stumbled upon a website on reasons for homeschooling. I thought the news in featured in the site was a bit hilarious amusing, but it got me thinking. Is it really possible for me to homeschool my kid? Homeschooling was not a popular topic among friends and relatives so even if I wanted to homeschool my kid, so my first concern was:

Pic Source

Who do I go to for advice? I searched the web for more resources and there was indeed a plethora of blogs about unschooling, free materials, forums, etc.

When Buchi turned two, a lot of my relatives were bugging me to start shopping for a school. My husband and I honestly did not want him to start school just yet. My cousin is a preschool teacher and she says that some of her students are as young as 1.5 years old (yikes!) In my mind, am I the only parent who isn’t eager to send her kid to school? Was there something wrong with me? This prompted me to attend a school fair (i got all the pamphlets and did research on all the schools) and we ended up trying out a Gymboree class. We enrolled him in the play & learn, music and art classes for a few months and we really had fun. I like the idea of parents doing activities with your kids. (although there were a lot of kids who were accompanied by their nannies). And they really have a safe and cool playground.

One day, I had this crazy idea of recreating music and art classes at home. I stocked up on lots of colored paper, pens, glue and other artsy stuff. We are all music lovers in the family so we sing and dance everyday. No need to go to preschool for now if we can learn art and music and the alphabet and numbers at home…

—- to be continued… —


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