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System Defender virus

on February 2, 2011

I’m practically clueless when it comes to installing programs into our PC. I don’t really know which are the best applications, the most up-to-date software, etc. That’s because I don’t need to be a computer expert. My husband knows way much better than I do (so I rely on him to install whatever is needed) and my brother is a tech genius (I get tech advice for free! – I don’t usually have to listen to him since I practically just have to hand him the pc and he’ll work his magic)

But today something happened while I was working. I was browsing a few sites about ESL lesson plans (absolutely no adult content sites or gaming sites) and something popped up. When I’m hooked up on the Internet, I usually get all these updates on the various programs installed in the pc. A few seconds after there were like 5 prompts popping out all at the same time. Worse, when I clicked on the x button two the pop-up windows just multiplied. I think I accidentally clicked on an “OK” button while toggling between tabs. And that opened a can of computer worms.

I had to panic first (and be calmed by my husband) before I actually made that phone call to my free tech support (my brother). I’m such a drama queen.

According to the techie, the System Defender virus was somewhat like a fake Microsoft Defender program. This virus will enable prompts that will warn scare you that someone is hacking your pc and that your pc is not protected. It has the Windows logo so you’ll think (especially if you’re as clueless as me) that it’s a real warning from your Windows Security program.  This is how it looks like.


After installing yet another anti-virus program (we already had two – I thought that was more than enough), our laptop is now cured. I’m so proud i did everything by myself this time. Thanks to the step-by-step link my brother sent me.

Now back to work. 🙂



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