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Chinese New Year = tikoy

on February 3, 2011

Pic Source

Kung Hei Fat Choi! It is Chinese New Year and I get a few days off from work. I have a gazillion other things to do of course, but I guess I will welcome the New Year by relaxing and eating tikoy. If there is one thing I love about Chinese New Year it is the sticky sweet tikoy. When we were kids we used to receive boxes of tikoy this time of the year mostly from owners of business establishments and some Chinese friends. And funny, that some people would ask if we were giving away tikoysince they thought we were Chinese.

I like my tikoy fried.
Pic Source

I get asked lots of times: “Are you Chinese?”. Well, there’s the chinky eyes, the love for tikoy (and all the other yummy rice cakes) and Chinese New Year traditions, and the occasional reading of feng shui advice. But the only phrase I know aside from new year greeting would be Ni hao (something I picked up while Buchi was playing a Kai-lan video from Nick Jr. website). My paternal grandmother’s mother is Chinese and she says that my eyes are from her side of the family (Lim or Quisumbing).

I learned from a Korean that they drink a traditional soup called Deok Guk every new year. And sometimes people joke about age by asking how many bowls of this traditional soup you’ve consumed. When you drink a bowl of this soup, you age one year. Interesting. Koreans and Chinese follow the lunar calendar. Are there any other nationalities that celebrate New Year sometime in February that I don’t know of.

Anyway, enough of that. Who doesn’t like celebrations? Especially if it involves lots of food and well wishes. Happy New Year to everyone!


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