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Cleaning day

on February 6, 2011

We spent almost the entire day cleaning. When I was younger, this was my most hated chore. I’ve always liked cooking, washing the dishes, or anything kitchen-related. I would fix my room once a year (my mom can attest to this fact) and this would only be because I was looking for something. Since I shared my room with my only sister (who is 9 years younger), that meant I was tasked to clean the bathroom. I have four siblings and we practically grew up without household help most of the time. This is not really common for a middle-class family in the Philippines, but we had to do our share of housework. Otherwise, my mom would go crazy (and you wouldn’t want that to happen).

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My years of avoiding the chore of dusting and organizing stuff are over. I married a cleaning-freak. So putting things in its proper place has become a habit. It is also a lot easier especially if you have a toddler who has to scatter his toys all over on a daily basis.

So today, everything is spic and span. I love the scent of newly changed bedsheets. I want to spend the whole Sunday lying down. Cleaning is so much fun while listening to music. Did I just say clean and fun in one sentence. I feel like a new person (haha)

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