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Lessons at home: Shapes

on February 7, 2011

While I am still contemplating on whether Buchi will be homeschooled or not, I figured that we would better make use of the time by learning things at home. I don’t want to concern myself with lesson plans for preschoolers so our lessons at home are quite spontaneous. This usually happens because Buchi asks a question and then I have to explain something to him. He’s three so most questions I can still answer (hihi).

So today he was trying to describe a toy he was looking for. I asked him the color, and then the shape. His answer: like a circle. I started showing him objects just to see which shapes he knew already. (He used to play with this shape-sorter toy so he’s pretty familiar with basic shapes).


Circle, heart and star are pretty easy to remember. He gets tongue-tied with triangle,square, rectangle and diamond but he knows the difference. Here’s the tricky part: the shapes that end with -gon and oval (which apparently is the shape he referred to when he said “like a circle”).

We did an artwork a while back with shapes and colors. I cut out different shapes using foam paper and let him glue them on a piece of paper while asking him what shape it was.

If your kid likes playing computer games (and you’re cool with it) here’s a great game which also introduces shapes.


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