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Kid’s polite words

on February 8, 2011

When Buchi first said the words “Thank you” I was so happy. He was a little over a year old and we’ve been repeating the words several times a day so that he would pick this up. Every time he would receive a gift, we would ask him nicely to say thank you. I noticed these past few days that he says thank you without much prodding. He even thanks me for helping him brush his teeth (Will he still be this grateful when he’s a teenager?)

This week he learned a new sentence: “No, Thank you.” When he was throwing a tantrum I asked him if he wanted to spend some time standing in the corner. He says, “No, thank you mama.” I found it really funny. I tried so hard not to laugh.

Now if only he would say “Please” more often, I would be such a proud parent. For now, we still have to remind him to say the “magic word”. There’s a cool game in Nick Jr that helps them spell and remember the word “Please”.

Teaching him to be polite has made me more conscious of what I say and do. I think the best way to impart the importance of respect is by being a good example. This is easier said than done 🙂


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