how to keep a tropical igloo from melting :)


on February 9, 2011

Don’t you feel sometimes that you just want to lie down all day and just stare into blank space.

To get me going, I need sugar. I don’t drink coffee and not really a fan of soda. I read somewhere that sugar only temporarily provides you the energy you need to stay alert. A few hours after (or once your system digests it) you’ll feel sleepy. But what the heck, sugar is effective to get me out of bed during gloomy days.

As a result, Buchi and I feasted on chocolate cereal and milk. He really enjoyed it. He even asked me if it was okay to eat chocolate for snack everyday. I said, I only made an exemption today. Tomorrow it’s back to healthy snacks.

After dinner I think I ate about a dozen of Keebler Soft Batch choco-chip cookies. I felt good. I was able to do so much work.

yummy pick-me-upper
choco-chip cookies: yummy pick-me-upper

Now I’m feeling sleepy already.


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