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Art activity: Valentine card

on February 10, 2011

I don’t really like celebrating Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean Buchi gets deprived of the nice things that come with the popular holiday. Since Hearts’ Day is just around the corner, we decided to make a Valentine card.
I let him choose the colors and here’s what he picked: red, white and black. Great color combination, if you ask me.

shapes stencil
scissors (with dull ends)
glitter paper (red, white and black)
scotch tape

1. Draw hearts using stencil in white paper. (I let Buchi do this step so that he can practice holding a pencil)
2. Cut out the hearts. (I ended up doing this since hearts are difficult shapes to cut for toddlers)
3. Fold the black paper into two. (Your toddler can do this)
4. Glue the little white hearts to the black paper card (your toddler can do this)
5. Make red hearts by origami. (We made two, you can make as many as you want)
6. Use tape to stick the hearts on the card.

Here are the origami instructions in making a heart. Buchi tried to fold the paper but when it became a bit complicated, he handed it over to me. I guess he enjoyed watching me turn a square-shaped paper into a heart. He clapped his hands when he I was done.

I think it turned out pretty okay.


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