how to keep a tropical igloo from melting :)


on February 11, 2011

The little one and I have had several conversations about him wanting an Ipad.

Buchi: Mama, puwede ka buy ng Ipad.
Me: What will you do with an Ipad?
Buchi: Games. Zombies. (referring to Plants vs. Zombies)
Me: You can play Zombies in Ninong’s computer. (referring to my brother)

Buchi: (tallking to his grandma on the phone) Mamita, where’s your pasalubong?
Mamita: What do you want? (expecting answers like “Gummy bears, chocolate or donuts”
Buchi: Ipad.
Mamita: Baby, that’s more expensive than Mamita’s phone.
Buchi: No, we can buy. I have 20 pesos.

(the day after my friend Pam let him play with her Iphone4)
Buchi: Mama, I like Ipad.
Me: I know you do. I like one too.
Buchi: Ipad has Zombies.
Me: I know but it’s expensive to buy one just so that we can play Zombies.
Buchi: Ok mama =)

Buchi: Mama, work ka?
Me: Yes, I have so much work today. Sorry we’ll play later.
Buchi: Yey! After, gift mo kay Buchi Ipad?
(Okay, Ipad pa din.)


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