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Valentines day

on February 15, 2011

It’s funny how people become mushy on this day of the year.

1. Giving flowers: Flowers are ridiculously expensive in February, especially on the 14th. A few days after, they’re wilted and unless you are my mom (who likes potpourri) you’ll have to throw these out. (there goes your money). My brother asked me to buy some flowers for his girlfriend, so I checked out the florists nearby. Php300 for one small close-to neon pink bud? Never mind. Send flowers the next month and you get to impress her with 2 dozens of roses.

2. Giving chocolates: Now this, I really like. Keep them coming. But really, you can give/receive chocolates anytime of the year sans the red ribbons and pink candy foil.

3. Dinner reservations: I’m a sucker for lovely dinner dates with good wine and dessert. But not when you have to call weeks before for reservation, go in circles until you finally find parking space, and squeeze your way to a designated table.

4. Matching outfits: Eug and I like wearing couple T-shirts. (cringe-worthy for some of our siblings and friends, but we have fun picking these out haha) We have several pairs and we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s day to wear these.

5. Public display of affection: Why do we need a special day to tell/show someone we love them?

It’s good to have a day to be cheesy and gooey, so I’ll join the bandwagon: Happy valentine’s day. I’m eating chocolates with the two sweetest guys in this planet. Gush.



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