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boys day out

on February 20, 2011

My two boys are out today. They woke up at three this morning. I was so sleepy I didn’t get out of bed to see them off. I’ve never seen the two so excited. When we go on a trip, I usually pack everything – clothes down to their toothbrushes. Oftentimes they offer to pack the “goody-bag” (snacks, toys, gadgets, etc.) spending hours arguing how many packs of chocolate or bags of chips they plan to eat. Last night I was too tired from work and household chores, that I plopped on the bed, while the two were busy discussing what to bring. I think I was also a bit blue knowing I’ll be home on a Saturday without them. I’m working hard to get this job I really like and that meant working on some weekends for the meantime.

When Buchi found out they were going surfing, he was literally jumping all over the place. He was looking forward to doing all the moves of the penguins in the movie Surf’s Up. He even pretended he was riding the waves last night. My two boys went on a roadtrip to the beach together with 5 other male friends. I can imagine Buchi’s anticipation — he’ll be hanging out with the big boys. He likes feeling all grown-up. Eug has been missing out on all the guys’ nightouts recently, so I know he’s really having a nice time now. And I think it’s good that he and Buchi will do something together (most of the time I’m with the little one)

On their way out, they both kissed me this morning. I must have been sleeptalking because I don’t remember what I said. I’m eating MM’s and it’s no fun munching on these alone.

I shall preoccupy myself with work, writing, twitter and Japanese drama today. No space for boredom today. =)


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