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Buchi Dialogues

on March 15, 2011

11 March 2011 (Friday)
I was following the news on CNN, BBC and twitter about the earthquake and tsunami. I was so engrossed in it and naturally Buchi became curious. So I explained what a tsunami was and what happens during an earthquake. 

Buchi: Let’s call ninong and tito (referring to his godfathers and uncles). No surfing right?
Me: (amazed) Wow! Yes, let’s post what you just said on twitter so that they won’t go surfing.

Me: There are so many people who don’t have houses and cars because of the tsunami.
Buchi: Don’t worry Mama, it’s okay. I have an airplane. I will pick them up.
(such a sweetie)

12 March 2011 (Saturday)

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite activities. Buchi also looks forward to this. We’ve come to an agreement that he can buy something he likes for as long as he lets me shop in peace (no bugging).

We’re at the meat section, I’m undecided on which cut to buy, and he volunteers to help me out.

Buchi: I like that Mama (pointing to liempo)
Me: That has a lot of taba (fatty portions)
Buchi: I like taba!
Random woman suddenly comes up to him and says: <Gasp> Baby, you shouldn’t be eating fat. It’s not healthy for you.
(Am thinking she’s thinking I’m such a bad mom feeding my son fatty unhealthy food)
I smile at her and push our cart a few meters away from her.
Buchi: Sino yun?! (Who was that?!) I like taba!
Me: hahaha, good question.

15 March 2011
At UP Shopping center…

Buchi: I like icecream.
Me: But we just had icecream last night.
Buchi: Last night, ‘yon. (that was last night)
Me: You can’t have icecream everyday. You’ll be obese.
Buchi: Mama, what’s obese?
Me: Fat.
Buchi: Like that? (pointing to a guy next to us who was a bit overweight)
(Guy looks at me. I look away and grab Buchi’s hand)
Me: (whispering) Yes.

He’s brutally frank these days. But really funny.


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