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Busy bee

on July 8, 2011

It has been quite some time since my last update. The past few months have been crazy. Summer is always a busy time. Last April we decided to let Buchi take swimming lessons. You could tell that he was really excited because he would dress himself up and prepare his bag (towel, extra clothes, snacks) everyday. May is a special month in our family. We celebrate Mothers’ Day with the Rodises. This year my mom turned 50 and so we threw a theme party for her. Eug and I go on a trip for our birthdays, which is a day apart. Last May we went to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with Buchi. It was physically tiring but we had a lot of fun.

June went by so fast. I needed this month to fully adjust to our daily routine as a work-at-home mom. In the Philippines, school officially starts in June. I felt a bit of pressure to start looking for a suitable preschool. After careful thought and weeks of prayer, we finally decided to home school him instead.

More than half of the year has passed and soon it will be Christmas. I am grateful for  6 months of small miracles everyday.


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