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DIY molding clay

on July 11, 2011

Today Buchi and I did a special art project. We made our very own molding clay!

colored icecream

I did the blue one first and I’m not really happy with the consistency. (I was able to perfect it though towards the end) But who cares? The little one is jumping all over the place. I was able to work out my arms with all the mixing and kneading.

Thank you Tita Jola for the recipe!

Here’s the fool-proof recipe


1 cup flour

1 tablespoon oil

2 tablespoons cream of tartar (I added another tablespoon)

1/2 cup of salt

food coloring

1 cup boiling water



1. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl

2. Mix wet ingredients (food coloring and boiling water) in a separate bowl.

3. Add the colored water slowly to the dry ingredients.

4. Mix well. I used 4 separate bowls since I was making 4 different colors.

5. Sprinkle flour on a clean surface for kneading until you get the consistency you desire.




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