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Done with All Aboard!

on November 1, 2011

Today we celebrate a milestone in our homeschool journey. We finished Book 1 (“All Aboard”) of the Sing, Spell Read Write (SSRW) curriculum. Buchi and I are both happy and excited to start with the second book “On Track”.

SSRW’s All Aboard

Around July of this year, I was lucky to be able to talk to Shawie, a homeschooling mom. She answered a lot of my questions about homeschooling and recommended this reading program. I was amazed that she homeschools her three children and was immediately impressed when she told me that her youngest daughter was able to read by the age of 4. I wasn’t still decided on a lot of things regarding homeschool but I was sure of one thing, I wanted to teach Buchi that reading is a fun activity.

So off we went to buy the starter kit of SSRW. When we opened the box, it was like Christmas morning. Buchi immediately wanted to write his name and color all the pictures. I explained to him that we would take things one page at a time. Initially we did all the recommended activities. Later on, we skipped some that Buchi found boring and replaced them with others (if you have Google, you’ll never run out of ideas).  However, we worked on every single page of the activity book and did a combination of art, science, math and writing projects in between reading and writing exercises.

Colorful alphabet card

The kit comes with a manual, which includes a reading list in case you are clueless on which books would be suitable for your kindergartner. I complemented the SSRW reading program with Dr. Seuss and other books from our mini-library.

Today, we wrote the letter Z and officially closed the book. We are taking a 1-month break from the reading program and will start with the second book on January 2012. This morning Buchi said, “Mama, I AM A BOOKWORM!”

Color-and-paste activities

Proud moment as a parent!

What he learned with this book:

Writing his name

– write his full name and nick name

– write the capital and small letters A-Z- draw basic shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle)

– recognize primary and secondary colors

– recognize patterns

– identify beginning sounds

shapes and colors

– identify rhyming words

– letter and sound recognition

– refine his fine motor skills (cut straight lines, color in pictures)

– recite simple poems

– master nursery rhymes with actions

– write numbers 0-9

He also learned the following:

– patience (waiting for one’s turn)

– perseverance (finishing work that has been started)

– independence (learning to do activities with minimal supervision)

– confidence

Resources and Materials:

Sing Spell Read Write


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