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Bed weather and books

27 July 2011

It has been raining for two days. Apparently, another huge typhoon (Juaning) hit the country. I hope it’s not as destructive as the previous ones. We tuned in to the news last night and it was all about flooded streets, horrible traffic and people in evacuation centers. It can be quite depressing really. This is probably one of the reasons I’m not so fond of rain.

If there is something nice about the rainy season and typhoons, it is couch weather. ┬áIt is the perfect alibi to stay in pajamas and laze in bed all day. I had to work for a few hours today but that didn’t stop me from staying under the covers for the rest of the day. Buchi was a bit relaxed too so we didn’t do any writing, math or art lessons today. That didn’t mean halt machen for learning.

Buchi chose four books and we snuggled up in bed. After I finished reading one, he told me that he wanted to read another book all by himself. He would pause once in a while when he was unsure about a word. That was my signal to give a clue. He read at least half of Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop (64 pages) without my help. He was beaming. This is a milestone because we had just bought the book last week and have only read it less than 15 times.

I think he was a bit exhausted from all that reading he fell asleep shortly afterwards.

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